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At Creative Design & Build Inc., we believe that the best measure of our success comes from the satisfaction of our clients. We're humbled by the kind words our customers have shared about their experiences with us.

  • Sandra Y.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Finally I found a reliable company...

    We hired Creative Design and Build after interviewing and taking quotes from 4 different companies. Creative Design gave a competitive and fair price to remodel two 20 year old bathrooms, with one bath becoming a tub-to-shower conversion. Adam Nisani was the project manager who provided the quote. From beginning to end, he listened to what we envisioned and worked toward helping us accomplish what we wanted. He gave good advice and guidance on the fixtures we selected. He had a good eye for coordinating fixtures and colors to give a clean, sleek finish. He did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. He did not hesitate to tell me when something I selected would not work for the project. I appreciated his input and his expertise. We had a delivery issue with a flooring order that I had trouble resolving. Adam stepped in and had the problem solved within 24 hours. The bathrooms came out beautifully! We are so happy with the final product. Daniel and Benny were the team that did a lot of the physical work. They were amazing! They were respectful of the house at all times. I was grateful for their care in making sure they left as small a footprint as possible. In addition to almost daily visits from Adam, Supervisor Oscar Navarro came by several times a week to check in on the progress. It was really reassuring to see how everyone assigned to this project stayed involved and invested. There was constant communication and updates. Adam was always available to answer questions, even when he was on vacation or on the weekends and evenings. I will definitely call Adam for my next big project. He is conscientious, dedicated, and very knowledgeable. There is a reason Creative Design and Build has such a high rating and a great reputation. They have earned it through excellent work, passionate employees, and outstanding customer service.

  • Han B.

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Streamline from the start...

    Me and my husband wanted to remodel our home after we purchased it back in June 2023. the original plan was to take five different estimates from different companies but eventually we chose three. Out of the three companies we chose, creative, design and build and specifically our project manager, Shai were are the most professional and accurate. Right from the start, Shai made us feel that nothing is complicated and streamlined for us the project from beginning to end. He guided us right from the start and provided a 3-D design for our kitchen and bathroom remodel, which is something no other company was willing to do before signing an agreement. Shai always made sure that his guys show up on time and worked around the clock communicating with us about every detail to make sure we are satisfied. I was really scared when I looked for contractors because we have a little baby at home and I didn't want to drag this project for more than it should take, so happy with the results. Will definitely recommend to anyone I know!

  • Arkady K.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    "The project stayed on-budget with no surprise costs."

    Creative Design and Build performed a full upscale remodel of two bathrooms, as well as painting and flooring in two bedrooms. My project manager was Eden. The work completed in mid-December, and I have been using the renovated areas for over a month. I am very happy with the end-result. I talked to two other design companies that work in buildings like mine, and I do not regret my choice to go with Creative Design and Build. Communication during the process was professional. The tiling work in the bathrooms was superb. Once we obtained permits, demolition and renovation proceeded smoothly without major issues. The project stayed on-budget with no surprise costs. I would use this company again and recommend them for bathroom renovations.

  • Ben P.

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Great communication throughout the project...

    A few months ago, we had a leak in the kitchen, which we thought it's not a big deal. After a while, leak damage turned out to be way bigger than we thought so we brought a Plumber friend that our pipe is bad and needs to be replaced. We figured that with our kitchen is old and needs updating, so we will be better off with replacing the entire kitchen. We took estimates from three different companies that rank best in San Diego. After we met Shai from Creative Design And Build it was really a no-brainer for us because we felt comfortable and safe with him to get the job done. Communication with Shai is great, he was able to get his crew in a week and get the job done just like we wanted. We don't have the words to recommend enough about Creative Design And Build and specifically Shai. Definitely my guy for my next project!

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